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great for a variety of celebrations.

You will receive 20 balloons total,

each described below (Helium is included).

(Set of 20 balloons)

4 x confetti balloons
16 x coloured balloons

(Pink, Light Pink, White)


1x balloon weight

1x balloon transportation bag


Bouquet(20Balloons)Cute Pink Confetti Balloon Helium filled

  • Please Note the Balloon only Last about 12 Hours, if you would like the balloon last longer please choose add Hiflot Option, with the Hiflot treament the balloon will last 3-5 Days denpending on the


  • In order for confetti to look identical like the photo. We need a balloon gel to put inside the balloon.

    Without the gel, confetti won’t stick around balloons.

    Please select "Add Hifloat" to the order.

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