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Balloon bouquet included:1 x foil number with weight &tassel1 x bouquet of 9 (2 x foil star , 3x confetti , 4 x plain color latex)1 x weight2 x transportation bag floating latex balloons includes helium inflation and a matching 2m ribbon.Size: 11”/28cmFloat Time will be Approx 10-15 hours | 2 to 5 days with hi-float** (This is at a Extra charge please select "add hifloat" if you require a longer float time for your balloons)

First Birthday Teal Color Set balloon bouquet

  • Hi-float is a balloon gel in order to enable latex balloon to last longer. Usually, a  latex balloon(30cm) will last for about 10 hours(approx.) without Hi-float. With Hi-float it should last for about 2 days(approx), depending on the environment. 

  • Remove Balloons From Bag

    Balloons will deflate more quickly if they are left in the bag,
    car or small space for an extended period of time.
    Please remove your balloons from the bag ASAP, the bag is provided to protect balloons during travel.



    We use a special gel (Hifloat) to make your latex balloons last longer. This gel is also used in all of our confetti balloons. Please ensure all Hifloat/Confetti balloons are removed from the bag then tie-down for the first 3 hours so the gel can dry evenly inside the upright balloons.



    Balloons don’t like fluctuations in temperature or extreme heat. Try to avoid putting your balloons near the heater or bringing them suddenly from hot to cold environments.

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